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How did it all start

After the passing of my sister Leigh early last year, I’ve spent most days at the cemetery keeping it clean and fresh. While I was there I started going around and helping tidy up a few other gravestones of people who I knew.

And over the last year I have met a lot of lovely people who spoke to me and explained how they could not keep their loved one’s garden the way they would have liked mostly due to their work commitments, their location and also the lack of time to tidy up. Many also would just did not want to go and clean it every time they visited and wanted to have more time to think about their loved ones while there.

So I decided to offer my services on a trial basis. The feeling I got from making them all fresh and the feedback I have had has been overwhelming. I am really enjoying it.

I know there are many people out there who would desperately like to maintain the resting place of their loved ones but are unable to do so due to the distance, lack of time, their age or mobility issues, hence the usefulness of this service.


1. My Mission

Treat the resting place of your loved ones as if they were my own family so you can always be there when you can’t be there.


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2. My Objectives

Pay great attention to detail and offer the highest standard of products when providing gravesite care services to families.


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3. My Team

It is me and three other family members who initially started as helpers but are now working full time due to high demand. I have also made arrangements with some hand-picked suppliers who offer related products.


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